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Our experts can help you with everything laptop related, whether it’s computer screen repair or laptop refurbishing. Your device is in good hands with Pro Fix Computer Repair.

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When it comes to laptop repair in Calgary, we understand that flexibility and affordability are important. That’s why we offer competitive prices for quality services. Our IT experts feel that making laptop and computer support and services widely available is a priority – and so is IT expertise.

With experience in laptop screen repair, laptop refurbishing, and desktop computer repair, there’s no job big or small that our technicians can’t handle. Our support extends to new computer setups, strategic technology plans, and virus removal – among other services. For laptop repair in Calgary, we’ve got you covered.


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On-Site Repairs
Disaster Recovery
Virus Removal
Network Design
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Hardware Upgrades
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New Computer Setups
Printer Troubleshooting
Strategic Technology Plans
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By working with Pro Fix Computer Repair, you’ll be getting the best prices in Calgary – guaranteed. That’s why we’re offering you $25 off our laptop repair services!

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If you need help today - no problem! We understand the importance of your computer and laptops - that’s why we offer same-day emergency services for all of your IT needs. We’re here for you

Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our priority - we guarantee it. With our money-back guarantee, there’s no risks to ask us for help. We want to make sure that our services are efficient, fast, and helpful.

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We pride ourselves on offering the best and most competitive prices in Calgary! If you have questions about our prices, or are looking for a FREE estimate, look no further than Pro Fix Computers.

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In-Home Laptop Repair

We believe that laptop repair in Calgary should be fast, efficient, and easy to access. That’s why we offer in-home laptop repair and IT services. When you’re experiencing IT issues, we want to remove added stress by coming to you with our experience, expertise, and know-how.

Whether you need same-day emergency services or 24/7 support, we can help! We have expertise with Windows laptops, refurbishing, hardware and software upgrades, Macbook repairs, disaster recovery, and more. If you’re in need of on-site support fast, Pro Fix Computer Repair is the answer to all of your IT concerns.

24/7 Support

Remote Laptop Repair

At Pro Fix Computer Repair, we understand that technology never sleeps. That’s why we offer 24/7 support and remote laptop repair in Calgary. No matter the IT concerns that you’re experiencing, our team of experts are standing by to help you troubleshoot all of your laptop and home computer problems, as quickly as you need it.

With convenience and speed, our team is ready to navigate network design, disaster recovery, virus removal, and more. Our IT experts at Pro Fix care, and want to offer fast, affordable, and available IT service. It’s our promise to you!

Abdullah Sharkia
Abdullah Sharkia
This IT company serviced my computer remotely, highly recommended, professional services with affordable price. Big thanks for the Pro Team.
Berhe welde
Berhe welde
Thank you for the service . Professionally
Ahmad Shark
Ahmad Shark
Great service, extensive experience, and uncompetitive prices. Thank you very much
Mohiedeen Elladan
Mohiedeen Elladan
Technician was able to come and fix my computer issue after I tried online solutions. Experienced technician, very knowledgeable and quick. I recommend Pro fix to anyone looking to get their computers repaired.
Hosen Omar
Hosen Omar
Megan Law
Megan Law
Patricia Smith
Patricia Smith
excellent service, explained every detail of their work
Ali is the GOAT. Very accommodating for mobile IT service. Was able to come and fix my computer issue within 2 hours after I tried online solutions for 2 days. Insane amount of experience, very knowledgeable even with high tech gaming pc's, knows how to bypass and pull up all secret menus and find the culprit or problem in a matter of minutes. Would recommend to anybody looking to get their computers fixed. Pleasure to work with! cheers

Frequently asked questions

We've Got Answers For You

The short answer – of course! However, each laptop repair is unique and requires indivudual attention, and can range in cost and servicing needs.

Never fear! There are a few quick and long-term solutions. First, shut off your device, and then try to soak up any excess liquid. We always recommend bringing it to a professional once you’ve addressed these key steps, so that a laptop specialist can address any damage or issues.

There are a few factors that could lead to your laptop consistently shutting down, including overheating and excess dust build up in the fans. If you are concerned about this issue, just bring it on in to Pro Fix and we’ll take a look.