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Pro Fix Computer Repair offers clients the best in data recovery. That’s because we’re a team of experts who take pride in what we do.

Your Data Isn’t Gone

Emergency Data Recovery

Losing information from your computer can be devastating. In today’s growing world of technology, it’s important to have experts on your side to help you navigate the complicated waters of data recovery and support.

At Pro Fix Computer Repair, we understand how vital it is to protect, secure, and recover your data as quickly and efficiently as possible. That’s why we offer the best hard drive and data recovery in Calgary. By troubleshooting your data concerns and computer repair services, we put you at ease with consistent support and experienced know-how.


Fast Data Recovery & Backup

Emergency Disaster Services
Virus/Malware Removal
Data Retrieval
System Backups
Call Now For Emergency Data Recovery

If you need immediate assistance, don’t hesitate to call the experts at Pro Fix Computer Repair for all your data recovery needs!

What to Expect

Best Prices & Best Service

Same-Day Emergency Services

At Pro Fix, we offer same-day emergency services - bcause we care about your computer concerns. For any of your IT support needs, we’ve got you covered for all things computer repair - guaranteed!

24/7 Support Guaranteed

Need support now? Look no further than Pro Fix Computer Repair. As part of our IT services, we offer 24/7 support, so that you can call us whenever you need assistance.

Free On-Site Estimate

Consultations and questions are important - that’s why we offer free on-site estimates. Our IT technicians will come to you and let you know exactly what you need, and address all of your concerns.

Cloud Backups

Accessible & Affordable

At Pro Fix Computer repair, we understand that good help is hard to find – but for data recovery in Calgary, we keep our expertise high and our prices low, so that you can access cloud backups that are affordable and efficient, whenever you need them.

Our IT technicians are skilled in all areas of data recovery services, including cloud backups and data support, as well as hard drive security systems. When you need cloud backup fast, Pro Fix is your number one choice for expert assistance as quickly as you need it – because we know how important your data is.

Local Backups

Safe & Secure

Whether you run a business or require IT support for personal use, Pro Fix Computer Repair is your answer to hard drive and data recovery in Calgary. By offering our clients safe and efficient local backups, we guarantee that your information, data, and files are protected and secured.

As the best in cloud backup, our team is ready to be there when you need on-site support, at-home services, and 24/7 troubleshooting assistance. When it comes to local data backups and recovery, Pro Fix does it with speed, precision, and care – we guarantee it!.

Abdullah Sharkia
Abdullah Sharkia
This IT company serviced my computer remotely, highly recommended, professional services with affordable price. Big thanks for the Pro Team.
Berhe welde
Berhe welde
Thank you for the service . Professionally
Ahmad Shark
Ahmad Shark
Great service, extensive experience, and uncompetitive prices. Thank you very much
Mohiedeen Elladan
Mohiedeen Elladan
Technician was able to come and fix my computer issue after I tried online solutions. Experienced technician, very knowledgeable and quick. I recommend Pro fix to anyone looking to get their computers repaired.
Hosen Omar
Hosen Omar
Megan Law
Megan Law
Patricia Smith
Patricia Smith
excellent service, explained every detail of their work
Ali is the GOAT. Very accommodating for mobile IT service. Was able to come and fix my computer issue within 2 hours after I tried online solutions for 2 days. Insane amount of experience, very knowledgeable even with high tech gaming pc's, knows how to bypass and pull up all secret menus and find the culprit or problem in a matter of minutes. Would recommend to anybody looking to get their computers fixed. Pleasure to work with! cheers

Frequently asked questions

We've Got Answers For You

Data recovery refers to the restoration of inacccessible, lost, or corrupt files. With a data recovery program or IT support, you’ll never have to worry about losing important information again.

When it comes to data recovery, there are a few different types. This includes tape recover, optical recovery, digital recovery, and removable recovery, among others.

There are plenty of reasons to consider data recovery protection, the main reasons being that if you lose important information, it will cost you time and money to restore this productivity and material. With a recovery system in place, you won’t have to worry about downtime caused by technical issues.